Monday, November 30, 2009

Indian Cookbook?

Why have I never thought to get an Indian Food Cookbook? I started thinking about Indian food and how it might not be that hard to cook after I read the White House State Dinner menu for Obama's feast for PM Singh:
The [State Dinner] menu was supervised by guest chef Marcus Samuelsson of New York's Aquavit, which specializes in Swiss cuisine, one of the few facts related to the evening that doesn't seem to symbolize anything. Samuelsson worked with the White House kitchen staff to create predominantly vegetarian dishes, out of respect for Indian Prime Minister Singh, who does not eat meat. Foodies, start your engines!

Guests began with potato and eggplant salad, White House arugula -- the bitter green favored by food snobs clearly no longer is deemed a political hot button -- with onion seed vinaigrette. That was followed by red lentil soup. There were two main courses: roasted potato dumplings with tomato chutney, along with chickpeas and okra, or green curry prawns with caramelized salsify, smoked collard greens and coconut aged basmati rice.

Dessert included a pumpkin pie tart and a pear tatin and an extravaganza of brittle, petits fours, and pralines.
I have A Higher Taste, but the recipes are not easy enough for me to cook them.

Maybe I should try some Indian food blogs - this is a great list from The Cooks Cottage. I also like the idea of Amma's Cookbook!

Anyone have any suggestions for basic Indian cookbooks?

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